With the influx of streaming services coming out these days, it feels like a large chunk of television worth watching these days is exclusive to Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ etc. However, FX currently has their hands on a few critically acclaimed shows. One of them being Atlanta. The Donald Glover-created series aired season 2 in 2018 but many have been wondering when the third season would arrive.

Today, both good and bad news regarding the series has been unveiled. To start with the bad news, you won't be getting a new season this year. As FX announced that they renewed the show for a third and fourth season, Donald Glover's busy schedule prevented the show from entering production. Deadline reports that FX Networks Chairman John Landgraf confirmed that the show would be making its return with season three in early 2021. FX plans on having “less than a year break between" season three and four which means that we can expect a double dose of all eighteen episodes in 2021.

The third and fourth season will also be both shot at the same time with plans to pick up from where season 2 left off. That means that the third season will be shot outside of the United States. Where that might be has yet to be confirmed but we're excited for the upcoming seasons.