Attack On Titan grew to become a hit series in record time. The gruesome anime follows a group of soldiers who are trained to battle Titans. Titans are giant humanoid monsters that pushed humanity to the brink of extinction after they appeared and began eating all of Earth's residents. The remaining population is forced to retreat behind a city of walls to protect themselves from the onslaught. Still, one day a colossal Titan appears and destroys the wall, leading to the events portrayed in the series. From then on, the show gets intense. 

The first season of Attack On Titan was epic for many reasons. At first, the pure shock of watching humans devoured alive by hideous giants was entertaining enough. After the initial shock wears off though, viewers are blessed with an intricate plot that is both mysterious and engaging at the same time. One keen-eyed Twitter user revealed that Attack On Titan season one is now available on PlayStation. Gamers can only access the show through the console. Season three of Attack On Titan has just begun, so fans or new viewers can binge the first season rather quickly without missing too much of the recent action.