Audio Push have been grinding hard in 2015, releasing not one, but two mixtapes since April -- but they're only getting started. Speaking with HNHH, the duo made up of Oktane and Price spoke of their upcoming debut album, which they feel the time is finally right to release.

"We've never put anything out for sale, other than singles here and there, but we've never put out a body of work for sale," said Price. "We're finally putting out our debut album this year, which we're crazy excited about."

As far as why the duo have decided to release free music up until now, Price says that their support systems have just recently aligned in the right way to drop the LP. "We finally built up the community of Audio Push lovers and Good Vibe Tribers," he said. "We finally got the support of the label and the whole team --  and we finally got our own team together... our whole team is right. So now it makes sense for Audio Push to put an album out... it's about timing." 

While the guys were fairly tight-lipped about details, they did share that a headlining tour will happen before the year's end. "We're headlining our own tour after this tour [with Snow Tha Product]," Price revealed. "Audio Push is headlining their first nationwide -- whatever you wanna call it -- tour."

Stay tuned for more of our interview with Audio Push soon. Watch the full clip below.