SXSW is a time for music and film lovers to gather as one in celebration of art and culture. The festival routinely draws hoards of eager fans who take in the city's vast cultural landscape alongside some entertaining endeavours. However, Austin has unfortunately succumb to senseless terrorist attacks that have left many innocent individuals in potential danger. 

Earlier this month, three package bombs were detonated in the city, and took the lives of two civilians, killing a 39 year-old man at an residential home on March 2. A separate attack on March 12 took the life of a 17 year-old, whilst wounding his mother and injuring a 75 year-old woman. 

Sunday's explosion occurred further from the festival grounds in two separate suburban neighbourhoods in the eastern part of the Texas capital. Police have urged residents within the allocated bomb sites to remain in their houses until authorities investigate the incidents fully. Two individuals in their 20s were both taken to emergency centres with injuries that appear to be non-life-threatening. 

Chief Brian Manley has revealed that the three bombings are related and are being investigated as instances of hate crimes. However, authorities have not yet ruled out any possible motive as to "what the ideology is behind this."

More than 500 officers, including FBI and other federal agents, have conducted 236 interviews after following up on 435 leads.