Avengers: Endgame is expected to be the biggest movie of all time. It is definitely the most anticipated film in cinema since Return Of The Jedi, so expectations are through the roof. Marvel has given fans three trailers for the film so far. The first highlighted Tony Stark in space, the second was a Super Bowl promo clip that gave fans a few glimpses at the assembled team, and the most recent trailer introduced Captain Marvel to Thor. Throughout everything we've seen so far, the general consensus is that Marvel is only showing fans the first 15-20 minutes of footage in the trailers so they can keep things secret. We all believe this will be a time travel flick, but Marvel has yet to show their hand. Throughout the three trailers, we've only see Thanos, the most famous villain since Darth Vader, for a split second. Now, that has changed. 

Empire has released the covers for their upcoming issue which focuses on Endgame. The issue promises to give readers in-depth interviews with the original six (Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye) who were all spared (which is no coincidence) from Thanos' snap. One of Empire's covers displays the original six, while a second limited cover gives fans their first look at Thanos in his full armor. It appears that his arm and the Infinity Gauntlet are still intact and not destroyed like they were at the end of Infinity War after the snap. His armor looks a little different as well. Is that a hint that we're looking at Thanos in a different time stream? The possibilities are endless.