Avengers: Endgame had quite the emotional ending. For those who have not seen the highest-grossing film of all time, be wary of spoilers below. Possibly the most anticipated movie of the last decade, Endgame tied up an 11-year story that focused on different Infinity Stones. The time-traveling epic took fans back through the MCU universe which culminated in The Hulk using the snap to bring all the fallen people of the galaxy back to life. Although that seemed like the last snap that was needed, Tony Stark gave his life in one final moment in order to ensure that Thanos would never be a threat again. 

The death of Tony Stark weighed heavy on many viewers, while others already surmised that the MCU's first hero would bite the dust. The real shocker is that Captain America didn't perish as well. After the movie was released for a few weeks, the actors began to post videos online from the filming of the movie. As more behind the scenes footage was introduced, the more it became apparent that the final battle scene was much larger at one point. More recently, USA Today premiered a deleted scene ahead of the movie's digital and Blu Ray release. The clip shows the immediate aftermath of Tony Stark's death. Many of the familiar heroes take a knee around Stark's dead body as triumphant yet somber music plays. Check out the scene below.