Captain Marvel hit theaters this past weekend, and it sets up Avengers: Endgame wonderfully. For those who haven't seen the film, be cautious, there are spoilers in this article. After the credits roll for Captain Marvel, fans are treated to a mid-credits scene that takes viewers back to the Avengers HQ. The pager Nick Fury used at the end of Infinity War is being kept in a protective casing where War Machine keeps a close eye on it. The signal seems to go dead, and War Machine reports to Captain America and Black Widow that the device is stagnant. Just then, Captain Marvel appears and asks for Fury. 

This is the first time Captain Marvel is on screen with Captain America, who many believe she will replace. Disney showed a select few shareholders footage from the upcoming Endgame film recently, and a synopsis of the footage has leaked online. The scene centers around Captain Marvel meeting the other heroes, and it explains why Fury has never used the handy pager to call her in before. Apparently, Captain Marvel knew about the Avengers all along, and felt that the Earth was safe in their hands. Thi alludes to the fact that Fury and Marvel have been in communication for years. Check out the synopsis of the scene below.