It's been a while since the height of Avengers: Endgame's immensely anticipated rollout, and some of the buzz has died down as a result. But not for long. Disney is set on kicking off an Oscar push for the climactic epic, moving to gain nods in the categories of Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Picture.

Given the stacked competition in 2019, it would be surprising to see the film gain ground in any of the more competitive categories. Still, Endgame should never be counted out, given its status as basically the world's most popular film of all time. In order to stack the deck in their favor, Disney has since made the official screenplay available for fan perusal, as per Complex. And with the script's unveiling comes some new information, including the fate of three characters who found themselves victimized by the Thanos snap.

Sadly, Wong, Jane Foster, and Secretary Thaddeus Ross were lost to the world (page six), although their absences were hardly noted in the movie itself. Still, it's cool to see a little bit of additional detailing, a testament to the scriptwriting process. Should you be interested in checking out the Russo Brother's masterwork, check that out right here. As for Endgame at the Oscars, do you think there's a shot? And more importantly, should there be?