As epic as Avengers: Infinity War was, there was one plot hole that bothered me. Somehow, Star-Lord, Drax, and Nebula knew they should head to Titan to battle Thanos. The last we see of the Guardians prior to that, is the team battling Thanos, and failing, at Knowhere. Then, when Iron-Man, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange land on Titan, they encounter Star-Lord and his crew. How did Star-Lord know where Thanos was heading, and better yet, how was his timing so perfect? A new deleted scene pieces everything together. 

There is one scene in the film where Nebula escapes her restraints and sends a message to someone who is never shown on screen. The new deleted scene shows that Star-Lord and his crew were the recipients of the message.  “The man who sings this song is a degenerate," screams Drax as Star-Lord listens to Frehley’s 1978 cover of “New York Groove” in the clip. The song cannot be heard in the scene because it wouldn't make sense for Disney to license a song that didn't make the final cut. “Ace Frehley is helping more than you are. We lost Gamora because of you," responds Star-Lord. As the two men argue over the music, Nebula chimes in. 

“I would kill either of you if it meant stopping that blinking yellow light," she wildly states while staring into a flashing light. “A blinking yellow light represents an important coded message," replies Star-Lord while also mentioning it was Drax's job to keep watch for those. Check out the scene below.