Avengers: Infinity War will be the most epic film in the Marvel catalog. Don't believe us? Okay, sure, Black Panther might have been one of the best superhero movies ever, and it is the highest grossing superhero flick of all time. Wakanda will play a central role in Infinity War though, so fans of T'Challa will still get their fix in the new film. Avengers: Infinity War will undoubtedly unseat Black Panther atop the record books, and every trailer that has been released for the film hints that this will be the most intense comic movie ever made. As Marvel and Disney continue their promo run for the film, which will cost an estimated $150 million, the two billion dollar conglomerates debuted a new snippet featuring everyone's favorite wall-crawler. 

The new snippet finds Peter Parker and his buddy Ned riding the school bus. The shot will be instantly recognizable to anyone who has watched any of the previous trailers. A circular spaceship ship, that most likely belongs to Thanos and his minions, appears in New York City and sets off Peter's spidey-senses. He asks his friend Ned for a distraction so that he can get suited up and ready for battle.  "We're all going to die! There's a spaceship," Ned bellows to the bus full of kids who immediately run to check out the scene. This gives Peter the perfect chance to hop out of the bus' window, and throw on his red mask. 

Check out the new footage below, and go watch Avengers: Infinity War when it drops on April 27 worldwide.