A Marvel fanatic who had the last Avengers film spoiled by an unknown social media commenter turned friend, managed to keep his plan for vengeance secret for until the next movie came out. The story is rather peculiar: a Redditor was posting about his excitement for Avengers: Infinity War leading up to its release when a relative-unknown jumped into the comments spoiling the movie's plot.

Although his initial reaction to the spoiler post was one of resentment, the interaction gave rise to an unexpected friendship with the prankster, or a correspondence if you will. As their friendship was quickly bubbling up, the victim in this scenario planned his revenge in secret. Get this: the revenge plot called for him to take screenshots all throughout the screening, connection the intersecting storylines in the Endgame saga. Luckily, his e-friend was set to see the film in Week 2, meaning he'd have plenty of time to follow through with the plan, - only to re-appear on the Reddit back channels in the wake of its completion.


"So I saw Endgame, and while I was in the theater, I took PLENTY of pictures," the Redditor boasted. "I took pictures of Thanos death #1, Captain Marvel, Ronin, Black Widow’s death, Smart Hulk, Fat Thor, 2 Captain America’s, 2 Nebulas, Stan Lee’s cameo, all the snapped coming back, Iron Man’s death, and several other plot points. When I got out, I almost thought of not doing it. I don’t like to spoil movies, I think it’s lame, but I reassured myself that this guy deserves it."

After gluing together bits and parts of the Endgame storyline into a compact 30-second reel, the plotter sent the images to his friend, in anticipation of a shocking response, which he did eventually receive in his inbox. Thanks to his video-editing skills, and most importantly his yearlong patience, the plotter as I call him, was able to exact his revenge in the most clever way possible. That isn't to say spoiling a Marvel movie isn't punishable by an IRL beatdown, because it is, and it's been done f'real - and on the friendliest of terms.