The executor of Avicii's estate announced that his parents Klas Bergling and Anki Lidén will be the recipients of his estimated $25.5 million fortune (roughly £20 million or 231 million kronor ). The Global EDM star née Tim Bergling was found lifeless by Omani police, who later confirmed his death to the masses via TMZ. The last message to come out of the Bergling camp indicated the family's wishes to keep the matter private for the foreseeable, a promise that was granted or kept until this point.

The ruling coincides with a Swedish law which states that an inheritance goes to the parents in cases where the deceased individual has no children, is unmarried, and has not written a last will and testament before their death. Avicii who reportedly grew unconcerned with his earnings as they started piling up, made an upwards of $28 million in 2014 alone, at the height of his Global EDM ascendency.

By 2016, Avicii was gone from the public eye, and no longer a touring DJ, after years of neglecting his mental and physical health on so many levels. The recently-released Avicii: True Stories documentary addressed these pitfalls while tabling an intimate portrait of the artist, separate from his ills. Check out the trailer (above).