Despite coming off as a wholesome, All-American mother on TV & social media, Ayesha Curry is still with the shits when it comes to sending her mans some dirty pics. During a recent interview on E! News’ Daily Pop, Ayesha admitted to sending Steph “hundreds” of spicy pics when he’s on the road. However, she does say its one of the scariest things in her life and that she's always afraid they could get hacked.

“Hundreds, hundreds of them,” she said before talking about how scared she is about being hacked. “Absolutely I'm scared” she added, “and he won’t delete them off his phone and he’s not that secure with his phone.”

Ayesha then even gave Bella Thorne, who recently was involved in a leaking of her own pics last week, a few tips, like never reveal your face. “Its actually one of the scariest things in my life. Thats why Bella, neck down” she added.

Following the interview, fans took to Twitter to have a field day about the comments, which you can see for yourself (below). Check out the interview & tweets.