Both Ayesha Curry and Steph Curry attended a Walk for Unity in the name of George Floyd out in Oakland, California, on Wednesday, where they walked with fellow protestors and took a knee in a show of support. They were also joined by Warriors' teammates  Klay Thompson and Kevon Looney. The walk was organized by Juan Toscano-Anderson.

Each shared their perspective from the walk, as well as images and videos capturing the scene, on their respective IG feeds. Ayesha's was particularly heartfelt, as she wrote:

"Today was filled with many emotions. On one hand I was overwhelmed with happiness to see my community show up, yet again to fight for what is right. I witnessed people from all different backgrounds peacefully protesting. People out for a jog or walk noticing the crowd and putting their own needs on pause to join the cause and march with us. “The time is always right to do what’s right”(MLK) is what comes to mind."

She continued, "My happiness then became overshadowed with immense sadness and disbelief. I began to come to the realization that we were walking the same streets, the same path and course that we’ve taken time and time again for the championship parades. Celebrating “victory”... streets lined with hundreds of thousands of fans cheering on and congratulating many (and most) of whom are black men. People show up and show out for these moments."

She ended on a note of positivity, before reminding her followers to vote too: "I want to encourage everyone to show up however you can and keep showing up. Keep lining the streets, keep filling the feeds, keep informing your friends. We have the power to shift and change things. I promise you in this moment, right now... this is the victory and the celebration you want to be telling your children and your children’s children about."

See her message, as well as Steph Curry's, below.