Ayesha Curry has been the talk of the town lately ever since she opened up more than ever, sharing details about her personal life. It all started with her Red Table Talk appearance where she discussed women who lurk on her husband, Stephen Curry, as well as not feeling like she gets enough "male attention."

Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty

Ayesha has since followed up on all the backlash she received about her "male attention" comments, letting the haters know that she's never one to cage her feelings. Despite standing her ground about what she said, she's still receiving troll-worthy comments and she's clapped back perfectly to a recent one that's quite sexist. 

Ayesha has teamed up with Spotify for a new campaign about the streaming platform's selection of playlists. The cute clip shared to her Instagram shows Ayesha cooking, working on her home designs and getting ready to head out with a different mood set by the music. For reasons unknown, one Instagram user commented telling her to "stay in the kitchen" where Ayesha responded asking him just which one of her homes would be best. "Which one? SF, Houston, Miami or San Diego?"