Ayesha Curry, the wife of Steph Curry, always seems to be the subject of vitriol on social media and it's extremely hard to understand why. For the most part, she is incredibly supportive of her husband and has many of her own successful ventures. Aside from her tweet from the 2016 NBA Finals, and her comments about male attention, Curry hasn't exactly done anything to warrant the hate that is directed towards her. An example of the unnecessary hate towards her was when Twitter got upset at Curry for losing weight.

Now, Twitter is up and arms over a whole other reason. On Instagram recently, Curry showed off a new look that included blonde hair. Some are confused as to whether or not this was a wig or simply a filter, although it's clear that the reactions on social media were a little exaggerated.

When the image was first posted, some felt as though Curry was unrecognizable and even thought that Steph was cheating on her with a white woman. These claims, as ridiculous as they were, got met with pushback from fans who noted that she looked great with her new do. Others offered support for Curry and questioned why everyone seems to hate on her all the time.

You can see the mixed reactions to her new look, below.