Ayesha Curry has always been hard at work when it comes to her various projects, and recently, she has mostly been working on Sweet July, which is a health and wellness endeavor that sees Curry putting together a magazine, as well as a store. The magazine has proven to be quite successful and recently, she got to put out the Spring edition which is centered around refreshing your life.

As you can see in the Instagram post below, Curry actually posed nude for the new magazine cover. In fact, Curry revealed that she let Steph Curry pick out the photos, which we're sure he was happy to do. Meanwhile, Ayesha recently explained the motivation behind this new cover.

“This issue is all about the refresh. It’s about reclaiming your life even in the simplest of ways,” Curry said. According to Ayesha, the new Presidential tandem of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is what made her want to do this project. “For me, that was the moment that brought about my fresh start and made me realize it was time to recharge, reboot my system, and get ready for all of the beautiful moments, triumphs, and life lessons I hope 2021 brings.” 

Needless to say, there are big things ahead for the Curry's, and the Sweet July brand looks to already be thriving.

Steph Curry

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images