When all is said and done, Steph Curry will likely go down as the greatest shooter in the history of the NBA. He is one of those generational players who can't be matched and despite all the slander surrounding his name as of late, he was able to come through with a historic performance against the Portland Trail Blazers, last night. Curry ended up exploding for a whopping 62 points which is a career-high, and also one of the best games in NBA history.

Curry has had a massive support system throughout his time in the league and there is no greater fan of his than his wife, Ayesha Curry. Immediately after the game, Ayesha took to Instagram with some kind words for Steph, noting just how impressed she is with his effort, this far into his career.

"So proud!!! 62?! Year 12?! Goodness. Best part is he’ll be excited about it sure, BUT it’s more about the team wins for him. That’s what makes him so special. Love you @stephencurry30," Ayesha said.

Despite the win and the performance, the Warriors still have a lot of work to do this season if they want to make the playoffs although for now, last night is definitely worthy of a celebration.