Whether she's being labeled a hypocrite for showing skin in a bikini after vowing to keep the "good stuff covered up" five years prior, or just clapping back at a troll that called her a "real life farm animal," it seems like popular basketball wife Ayesha Curry is always getting hate thrown her way. The most recent incident revolved around a blond wig that has since gone viral for more reasons than one — some good, some bad, but mostly just unnecessary. 

As she stated in the initial reveal, the look was simply temporary and done as an experiment of sorts — you know, what any women should be able to do without public scrutiny. However, many are assuming that she's ready to give it up due to the countless comments of criticism she received, mainly those who accused her of trying to appear "more white" as a fair-skinned woman of color. According to Ayesha herself though, getting rid of the 'do is mainly for her own comfort. "The blonde has been so much fun! I need to scratch my scalp a little though, you feel me?" she wrote playfully to her over 7 million IG followers. She finished off her note by adding, "I wish I could actually dye my hair this shade but I know it would require way too much maintenance. Who can relate? #funwhileitlasted." 

While the hubby Steph has given his approval from the start, it does seem like she was a bit bullied by the internet into getting rid of it in less than a week. Of course, she's allowed to do whatever she wants with her hair — hopefully the next move is Amber Rose bald so people can just leave her alone altogether!

Check out Ayesha Curry rocking both light and dark hair with style below:


Ayesha Curry getting rid of Viral Blonde Wig