It's been a pretty hectic couple of months for NBA star Stephen Curry's wife, and celebrity chef, Ayesha Curry. At the start of last month, the internet went insane over some comments made by Ayesha about the "male attention" (or lack thereof) she was receiving in her life since being in the lime light. Social media users took to dragging Ayesha all over town and back, insisting she was "seeking attention" when she had a faithful, loving husband at home.

After that, just a couple of days ago, a Raptor's fan shouted derogatory comments about what he'd like to do to Ayesha Curry on live TV, - and later proceeded to get arrested for doing so - which gave Twitter users the ammo they needed to revert back to the "male attention" incident, claiming it was "exactly what she wanted." Even Tory Lanez seemed to be against her, responding "this can be arranged lmao," to a comment on a video he posted, which asked if the "whites" could have Curry in exchange for the twerking dancer in the video.

Now, hoping to lighten the energy, and bring a smile to her followers' faces, Ayesha has taken to Instagram to share an absolutely adorable picture of her cute hubby staring lovingly at their precious baby boy. It's hard to say the reaction the picture will have though, as even though you may think it's impossible for a baby to elicit any reaction but a positive one from people, the internet did not fail in crossing boundaries once again when they ferociously body-shamed her little baby boy.