Back in February, two strongly-opinionated females in hip-hop went at each other on twitter. It all started when a random twitter user asked Erykah Badu if she listens to Azealia Banks. Without saying much, Badu quoted the question and put "Tried" beside it. Azealia Banks saw this as shade, and proceeded to extend her claws. "When artists grow old and begin to recognize their own mortality they throw shade at younger spirits," she wrote, and she continued on, even into the next day, despite Badu retracting from the scene.

Now it seems the two ladies have made up, after a couple of months. When twitter use @blue_bone suggested the two artists make up, Azealia didn't seem open to the idea at first--  "that's why she's hating on me in the first place. She wants to be the only one in hip-hop kicking knowledge. #lame," she tweeted.

It was Erykah who extended the white flag, tweeting, "sis. 1 thing I know 4sho about YOU is that you r an advocate 4 your folks. For that I humbly apologize." Azealia then came around, "Ok I accept, and unblocked. I grew up on your music and you got my mother thru lots of heartbreak and pain," and from there, it was all heart emojis.

Check out their series of tweets below.