Another day, another Azealia Banks Twitter face-off. While it had been a quieter than normal week for Banks, she couldn't help but respond to a Tweet from Erykah Badu today. It all started when Badu was asked by a fan if she listens to Azealia, to which the singer replied "tried", implying that she couldn't get into Broke With Expensive Taste.

Since she was directly @-ed in the the Tweet, it didn't take long for Banks to confront Badu, accusing her of jealousy, before arguing that older artists have a tendency to dismiss younger musicians when they get the chance.

Badu responded by entertaining the idea that she might be too old to "get it", but it was later pointed out by a fan (and subsequently confirmed by Badu) that the singer decided to turn on her location when replying to Azealia (she was in Queens, while Banks hails from Harlem). Azealia came back from this with digs at Badu's "head wraps" and "musky oils".

Earlier in the day, Erykah actually happened to co-sign some younger talent, taking a photo with none other than Rihanna. Captioning the pic with "They meet...".

Take a look at the back-and-forth below.

 [Update: Banks Keeps It Up]

While the brief tiff between Erykah Badu and Azealia Banks appeared to be over yesterday afternoon, Banks continued to take jabs at Badu into today. Check out what you may have missed below.