For those keeping score, the sordid tale of Grimes, Azealia Banks, and Elon Musk has become one of the more bizarre sagas in recent memory. Last we heard, both Banks and Grimes were ordered to legally retain any and all exchanges, be it Text, DM, or otherwise, pertaining to Elon Musk. As it happens, the artists actually exchanged many-a-heated-word indeed, with Musk at the epicenter of the discourse. Now, screenshots of the text messages have surfaced on Reddit, revealing a tete-a-tete between Banks and Grimes, which found both parties hurling insults worthy of a good old-fashioned schoolyard brawl.

The duration of the exchange finds Banks on the offensive, though Grimes does attempt to get her licks in. For the most part, Grimes seems intent on branding Banks as a "Narc," while Azealia seems more than willing to ridicule the singer's appearance, allegedly dubbing her a "brittleboned methhead," who smells like" a roll of nickels." Grimes returns the favor, drawing insults straight out of the fourth grade playbook. "Only thing that should be afraid of u is the buffet," writes Grimes, before turning to a "kill em with kindness" approach. Banks does not bite, doubling down on the assault.

Meanwhile, Musk remains at the center of it all, leading us to wonder whether or not this has devolved into a full-blown love triangle? Who knows, at this point. Still, the war for Musk has proven to be entertaining for us sideline-dwellers, and will likely continue to yield new and exciting developments before long.

Images via Reddit