Azealia Banks came on social media to inform her fans of her collaboration with Grimes. In her Instagram story posted earlier this month, she claimed the pair were meant to work together "next week," which means some new material might already be in the works. Grimes' fans got confirmation of this announcement on Twitter.

Azealia Instagram Post

Since Azealia Banks is most notorious for starting beef with any and everybody, it seemed unlikely for the rapper to create new working relationships anytime soon. Even though she uses social media to vibe with her fans on a range of topics, her most popular posts consist of criticism or actual attacks aims towards a whole lot of public figures. Members of the Hip Hop community routinely take hits from the keyboard warrior. Perhaps this is the reason why this next collaborative effort entails a possible crossover into a different genre. 

Grimes defines her music as "pop," although her influences include many genres. She has already collaborated with Hip Hop artists in the past, which makes the announcement of this collaboration surprising, yet imaginable.

Azealia Banks is pushing herself back into the mainstream scene with her latest production "Anna Wintour." Still, the video caused a couple of ruffled feathers. We'll see if her collaboration with Grimes can happen without the usual drama.