This was bound to happen sooner or later. In the age of online beefing, Azealia Banks and Lupe Fiasco are two of the most prolific personalities in hip-hop. While they may often struggle to get their music out, their opinions seem to face no such problems. Lately, they've been circling each others' orbits, nearly always coming out on the opposite sides of issues, but never colliding head-on until now.

It all started when Lupe came out in defense of Kendrick Lamar, who Banks was attacking yesterday for his Ferguson opinions (as you can see, it gets hard to keep track of all of her tirades). 

Banks clearly saw this, because a few hours later, she hit Lupe with a little something out of the blue:

Lupe then responded by dragging up one of Banks' old tweets, in which she claimed that he influenced her rapping early on. He kept posting it with different pictures that responded to and/or mocked Banks' prior responses.

That was enough for Banks, who then began chatting it up with supermodel Emily Ratajkowski:

All in a day's work for Banks.

[Update: Kid Cudi Gets Involved]

Following yesterday's bickering between Azealia Banks and Lupe Fiasco, we were hoping Twitter beef could lay low for the rest of the weekend. Unfortunately, Kid Cudi reignited things earlier today, seemingly speaking out against both Kendrick Lamar and Lupe's perceived blame of the black community for the death of Mike Brown.

Of course, Lupe jumped on him within ten minutes of his post, reminding Cudi that he was there for him during his trouble with drug abuse a few years back. After a few subtweets, things died down. View the tweets below.