Kanye West riled up a lot of people over the past few days with his political statements. Lana Del Rey, amongst other celebrities, put Yeezyunder fireAzealia Banks, however, isn't here for it.

The rapper thinks Del Rey is better off engaging with "bootleg witchcraft" instead of using someone like Kanye to portray herself as righteous. The female emcee urges Lana to apologize to him, especially considering the fact that she isn't "built for battle."

She continues by casting a wider net, lumping in more people that supposedly fit Lana's demographic.

"I'm tried of white women in Hollywood and their fake ass innocent agendas. These bitches will take any opportunity to make themselves seem more righteous in regards to black men who don't bow down to their vapid 'social power' or more civilized and respectable than the black women that have a REAL reason to be angry."

Of course, Banks' rant was initiated by her own thoughts about Kanye West's "MAGA" hat. Essentially, she thinks he's is a biter and could be using his clout to do bigger and better things. 

"KANYE. I HAVE ALREADY DONE IT. Stop lifting my ideas and come collaborate with me already. This is annoying now. The ideas I come up with aren't half of what we could do with your resources. Let me give you original ideas PLEASE."