Azealia Banks is notorious for instigating firey feuds on social media. What many people might not know is that the New York native is also an entrepreneur. Her skincare company CheapyXO is a fan favorite and its popularity also extends past the stans of her music. Apparently, her "pussypop" and "bussyboy" soaps actually work and fly off her merch tables at her live shows.

A picture of the female rapper was uploaded to her Instagram boasting her entrepreneurial success. She struck a silly pose with some of her "soap money."

"Lol, here I am backstage in LA playing air guitar after counting up some soap money. 😂... this is my mood all month. Follow @shopcheapyxo on TWITTER. for all tips, tricks, and product info ! #bussyboy #pussypop#shopcheapyxo #cheapyxo ..."

Fans appreciate the rapper for how humble and welcoming she is before, during and even after her live shows. She gives them advice about how to use their products freely. From the looks of it, her personable approach adds to the loyalty she earned to through music.

Her music is still a priority. Although Banks' upcoming album has been pushed back for a variety of reasons including her fallout with her former collaborator Grime, the artist is putting in work. She is currently putting in work with Lex Luger