Compared to a few years ago, BET has been losing interest among viewers for their original content with some of their most popular programming being canceled. One of their most successful yearly happenings, however, is always the BET Awards. Bringing together the hip-hop and R&B communities, BET has always been at the forefront of celebrating black culture in music. While their efforts have been praised by some, others like Azealia Banks want to see the company shut down for good. While her reasoning is unclear, it likely has to do with her previous comments about black media companies damaging her brand back in 2015. Preferring Diddy's Revolt TV, Azealia is crossing her fingers for a Revolt award show in the future to finally take down BET once and for all.

Never one to be silenced, Miss Banks tweeted earlier that she wishes BET was shut down for good, stating, "Bet is dead and it isn’t coming back. I wouldn’t hire anyone who’s worked for BET at revolt or any other media company. Let them sink." While the blame is likely not to be aimed at the employees representing the brand, Azealia makes her thoughts clear as she always does. While her controversial opinions may cause some to stray from her artistry as a whole, she may be on to something here. While her thoughts are not entirely elaborated on, it would be interesting to hear her clarify her comments and justify why BET should be canceled.

On the Revolt front, it appeared as though the company was doomed for failure after Diddy laid off one-third of his Revolt staff but after a deal was announced with Joe Budden recently, Revolt looks to be back on track.