If there's one thing Azealia Banks is going to do, it's talking some shit. The 29-year-old musician has been around for nearly an entire decade, somehow managing to remain culturally relevant despite a lack of chart-making releases. While not everyone has heard her new music, it's almost guaranteed that you've seen at least one of Banks' infamous rants on social media, calling out artists left and right and complaining about how she's perceived by the public.

The rapper recently called out DaBaby, Chief Keef, XXXTentacion, and other artists for being "literal abusers" and she didn't slow down when the week was coming to a close. Azealia continued her musings after noticing that a fan called her "problematic" on Twitter. She had something to say about that term, arguing that she's definitely not the most problematic person in hip-hop.

John Sciulli/Getty Images

"I REALLY LOVE YOU GUYS DEFINITION OF PROBLEMATIC," she started on Instagram Stories. "Having an opinion is problematic but being recorded on camera beating women up (da baby/chief keef) driving around with dead bodies in cars (ynw melly), and committing murders then rapping about it (bobby shmurda) is not problematic."

It's pretty easy to disagree with most of the things that Azealia Banks says but many find that she has a point with this. While she is pretty problematic in the fact that she has boiled and cooked her deceased cat on Instagram, bought a little girl's skull on the dark web, and more, she hasn't ever been accused of any horrific crimes, which instantly makes her less problematic than some of the artists being championed today.

Do you agree with what Azealia is saying this time?