As we've seen in the past, Azealia Banks can be very defense about what she views as cultural appropriation, and she's also extremely outspoken about racial issues. Plus, given how vocal she tends to be on twitter, it comes as no surprise that she's called out Katy Perry for a recent tweet that references the trap house.

Innocently enough, Katy Perry tweeted about her single "Dark Horse" reaching 1 billion views, and thanked the fans. However, at the end of her tweet she says she "*heads back to the trap house.*" Obviously Katy Perry has no need for a trap house, has likely never been in one, and most definitely did not head back to it after scoring a billion views. Although the tweet might have been all in good fun, Azealia had something negative to say about it. She didn't go on a long tirade, she just questioned Katy's use of the "trap house" and then added, "Why do all the white girls wanna be wiggers?? I really don't get it." Later on she clarified, there is no beef, this is just a "side-eye."

See the tweets in question below.