Azealia Banks has confirmed the rumors concerning part of her interaction with the Twitter's CEO, Jack Dorsey. A source revealed that the pair had struck a deal. Banks would craft a protection amulet for the tech mogul and Dorsey would promote her next mixtape on his social media platform. The rapper has opened up to Business Insiderabout the encounter that led to their "spiritual pact."

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images 

"We have this awkward dinner of turkey slices, asparagus, and tomato as he is on something called the Bulletproof Diet ... the food was nasty, so I had some drinks and we kept talking," Banks said. During their conversation, Dorsey opened up about receiving threats from ISIS in a propaganda video. Banks offered to cover him with a protection spell for which she would need some strands of his hair.

Their deal wasn't closed, however. Dorsey never tweeted about her mixtape.

"A lot of articles said I put a hex on him but I didn't," Banks said. "I have no reason to wish him harm. But we made a spiritual pact and he was supposed to make good on his end."

They have not been in contact for the past couple of years. One strand of his beard hair is still in the rapper's possession, tucked inside an envelope and kept in storage.