Azealia Banks is known as a beefing queen. It seems like the rapper is always starting something with somebody. After writing an apology letter to Elon Musk, the emcee is on a role in terms of taking responsibility for her actions.

A string of posts on her Instagram stories were text posts naming a couple of artists that had upset the new york native. She addresses one of her "hometown heroes" Jim Jones. She acknowledges that her diss record "Succubi" might have been a bad idea.

"I never had anything against and beefed with b/c I was just trying to defend myself from what I thought was another instance of male rappers just taking a piss out on me because I make 'gay music'."

She also mentions Wale, whom she "barked on" after he commented on a tweet that was taken out of context: "That one I can def apologize for @wale."

Then the big one: T.I.. Azealia banks states that her beef with the Atlanta artist is a thing of the past for her too.

"I really wish he was on his problack sh*t back when I was making very clear points as to why it's not okay for a white woman to call herself a run away slave master...but I sense that in hindsight, if he could take back the initial slight towards me...he would."