It's not hard for Azealia Banks to find something to complain about, but it seems that she might have a high ground when it comes to her latest target: famous drag queen and reality show host, RuPaul.

It seems that Azealia Banks has decided to celebrate Pride Month by going after RuPaul for apparently ripping off one of her songs. According to Out, Azealia claims that RuPaul's 2016 song "Call Me Mother" off his American album was a direct rip-off of her track "The Big Beat," off her 2016 mixtape Slay-Z. She's so convinced, in fact, that she got RuPaul's song taken off Spotify.

"Lol I got rupauls ripoff of the big big beat .. “call me mother” removed," Azealia wrote on Twitter. "You will not step on my little black girl toes bitch. You will take your razor bumps and pumps to the nearest laser hair removal clinic and seethe. @RuPaul BYE UGLY! 💁🏽."

It seems it wasn't enough for Azealia to go after RuPaul's music, as she continues to go off on him in a series of tweets.

"Lol now that I’m filing claims RuPaul wants to reach out," Azealia continues. "But where was that energy when you were stealing my work and using me as inspiration for your campy ass television show? I’m disappointed in him first and foremost as a black person. He was supposed to have my back."

Azealia also says that she's working on getting the song taken off Apple Music as well. Considering Spotify agreed with her that the song was derivative enough to remove, then she's might be correct in this instance.