Azealia Banks has always been known for her bizarre antics, and over the past few months, they have only ramped up. From showcasing skulls on her Instagram to wanting to make jewelry out of her dead cat, Banks has never been shy to gross out her fans and get them wondering if she is doing okay. Banks has also gone after a host of various artists, and it doesn't seem like she is going to stop with that trend anytime soon.

More recently, however, Banks decided to take to Instagram with a brand new look that is, interesting, to say the least. As you can see, Banks has decided to adopt the MAGA aesthetic with her new outfit, as she is wearing an Info Wars baseball cap, a don't tread on me crop top and even a gun. Needless to say, she looks primed and ready to storm the capitol, which is evidently what she was going for.

"These rap n****s think they hard til they see insurrection bae," she wrote. Many people in the comments noted that Banks looks like she is a big QAnon supporter, which is certainly a hilarious way to put it. Banks has always looked to be edgy, and with this latest outfit, her mission was accomplished.

Meanwhile, the insurrection from last month has sparked an impeachment trial against Donald Trump, who could very well be banned from ever taking public office, again.

Azealia Banks

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella