Azealia Banks has always been outspoken. While some may feel some type of way about her no-fucks-given approach to life, others can't help but respect her unfiltered honesty. Now, Banks has spoken out against the ongoing "March For Our Lives" movement, which she deems hypocritical to say the least. In a since-deleted Instagram post, Banks unleashes a scathing critique of the protest, forcing society to examine itself underneath a microscope. While her words may cause discomfort, it's hard to ignore her pointed take on racial inequality. 

"Miss me with the bullshit. As if you'd see my black ass at some rally for gun control when everyone ignored every advance made by black youth to speak about police violence," wrote Azealia. "Black people have been protesting gun violence for ever!! I don’t see any of these kids as heroic or brave , when black kids have been fighting the good good fight for ages."

She continues, writing "There were no police in riot gear at this march for our lives joint but let there be more than 15 negroes on a corner... the cops are pulling up with tasers and tear gas. This ain’t a battle of the struggles, but I have to save my voice for the causes that matter most to me, which are black America-centric. White America’s obsession with guns is white americas problem."

Do you agree with her take on the ongoing March? In musical news, Azealia's upcoming Fantasea II: The Second Wave is en route, featuring appearances from Busta Rhymes, Mel B, and more.