Most celebrities of any kind receive negative remarks online. Azealia Banks receives more than her fair share, being quite active on social media while holding zero f*cks closeby. She is quick to speak her mind about other entertainers and public figures and she is just as swift when it comes to regular degular trolls.

One of them came from under its bridge to tell her, "Christ, you're unattractive."The emcee came back for his neck. Her response is lengthy in comparison. She builds upon a reductive premise, breaking down "two types of American white men."

"The fat inflamed blistering-red pork-juice dripping kind of white men who think they're as charismatic as their more attractive counterparts  yet always smell like axe & garlic, have gout / frequent their local seven eleven..."

She goes on to describe those previously mentioned counterparts: "The unassumingly charming white men with human skin color, visible necks, healthy cholesterol levels and a full head of hair."

The rapper comments on how kissable their lips are, leveraging that sweetness against her hater. "You look like your lips taste like envelope adhesive and bacon bits. You would probably burp slim Jim +  oppression into my mouth." This leads her to the final point of her read: "Rest assured that you never have to worry about unattractive me hassling you for any Facetime." 

One thing she is for sure is entertaining. Bless her.