Azealia Banks is anything but shy when it comes to most things. When she opened her mouth to spew negativity about Iggy Azalea, the newly-unsigned rapper clapped back by pointing out Banks' teeth. Now, other Azealia Banks haters are coming out with similar attacks but the New York native's response to the criticism is unexpectedly funny.

The female emcee posted a screenshot of an interaction she had with a critic to her IG story. The person compared the artist's teeth to those of a busted looking Patrick from Spongebob. Azealia replied to the hate by claiming that she could steal her man forever with her "good d*ck sucking teeth."

Banks seemed quite amused, uploading a second story on the matter. The photo shows her with a bunny filter as she recalls the dialogue from little red riding hood.

"Grandma, your teeth are so big"

"all the better to suck you man's d*ck"


Iggy had initiated the criticism when she fired off on Twitter:

"Even your teeth tired of all the sh*t you talk. That's why they look like they tryna escape your mouth."

There you have it, folks. Azealia Banks' reason for keeping her original dentition intact is sexual. She does not, however, mess with the limp assets. The rapper has listed a few of her sexual pet peeves which include soft pipe.