Azealia Banks' appeal has always found a place among the crafty and eccentric. Her most recent proclamation of these sorts comes courtesy of her Instagram, in a post in which she makes the connection between mental unrest and the genius quotient. Genius, in her words, is what separates her from the pack.

Azealia essentially dubs herself the only true female artist in rap. She draws back on the significance of her debut album Broke With Expensive Taste, contending that in the 7 years since its release, no one has yet to surpass its genius, nor will it be it outdone in the next 20. 

Azealia, referring to herself in the third person, closes out her statement by referring to her upcoming album Fantasea II as the "album of the year across all genres." Fantasea II: The Second Wave is due in March.

Peep the post in its entirety, below.