Nicki Minaj & Azealia Banks are two of the most eccentric ladies in the rap game and they have been for years. These days, Nicki has been on a savage tear, ripping into fans who mildly critique her music by calling them out in their DM's. While Joe Budden may be convinced she's on drugs, Azealia Banks is not worried about what substances Minaj may or may not be taking. The only thing Banks is concerned about is her credibility and getting the upper hand on her nemesis. Azealia recently claimed that Nicki was running out of ideas by "copying" her mermaid costume for the "Bed" video. Now, she's taken things a step further by posting up with Safaree Samuels, the man who was sleeping in Nicki's bed for over a decade.

Sure, maybe Azealia's photos with Safaree in the studio were as innocent as they were made out to be. Perhaps the two genuinely respect each other as musicians and wanted to hear what a collaboration would sound like. However, with Banks' recent digs at the Queen of rap, many are choosing to believe this isn't merely coincidental. The "212" rapper chose to delete all three of her Safaree posts shortly after uploading them, keeping them up long enough for fans of both her and Nicki to speculate just how petty Azealia is attempting to be.

At this point, this beef could reach 50 Cent or 6ix9ine levels or dirty. If her "Chicken of the sea" comments weren't enough, this is a decent serving of tea to keep you satiated.