Azealia Banks might have been canceled a million times, but she's still kicking, promising to remain relevant until she chooses to quiet down. The "212" rapper may not be trending for her music anymore, but she manages to always stir up some drama with her loud mouth, sharing her controversial musings on social media all day long. Most recently, the rapper got engaged to artist Ryder Ripps, and her fiancé is seemingly teaching her to hold less hatred in her heart. In doing so, she shared a list of people she claims to love, which is pretty eye-opening.

While Azealia's list of people she loves isn't too surprising to those that have kept up with her shenanigans for the last few years, it still comes as a shock to see some of the names she added to her list. Lil' Kim is listed in the middle, highlighted with a heart around her and so are a few other artists, including Mario Judah, Donald Glover, Juelz Santana, Shakira, T-Pain, and more. However, people are more concerned with the names near the top of her list, mainly Donald Trump, Candace Owens, Vladimir Putin, and more. She also lists Ariel Pink, who was recently accused of abuse after being spotted at the Capitol raid in support of Trump. He's also been accused of being anti-semitic, which contradicts Azealia's recent admission that she's converting to Judaism.

"@ryder_ripps says I need to practice not being such a hater so I made a list of people I love," wrote Azealia on Instagram.

The post is slightly confusing, only because a few hours prior, Azealia claimed that she broke up with her fiancé. "Lol, I just dumped @ryder_ripps," she wrote on Stories. "He's too insecure for the wildly creative she-wolf in me. I'm keeping the menorah ring too."


Who are you most surprised to see on Azealia's list of people she loves?