Recently, Azealia Banks fired off a couple of since-deleted shots at Cardi B, calling her a "poor man's Nicki Minaj" and questioning the sudden widespread "championing" of "Bodak Yellow." In case you missed it, Banks expressed frustration about the media's reaction to Cardi's success story, tweeting out "I'm sorry. Black industry men are too hype for this Latina girl I've never seen them jump like this for remy or nicki." While Azealia Banks is sometimes capable of making interesting points, her past outbursts and hostile reputation have often served to create and stir up unnecessary controversy. Cardi quickly responded with some shots of her own, posting a picture of Banks wilding out to "Bodak Yellow," with the caption "One of the reasons Bodak Yellow went #1! Cuz even the HATERS love it!"

It would appear that Cardi's retaliatory post has stirred up the wrath of Azealia, and the "212" rapper unleashed another bout of fury on Cardi's parade. One Twitter user managed to capture a video of Banks' Snapchat rant, in which she namedrops an alleged "Bodak Yellow" "ghostwriter," as well as accusing Cardi of having sex in exchange for raps. It's a much more personal accusation than the original, petty Minaj comparison, and one that is sure to prompt a more vocal response from Cardi. 

In the video, Banks states:

"We know the n*gga from Harlem who wrote the song. The n*gga’s name is Poe. He’s friends with your boyfriend from jail and you fucked. They all call you a smut and say your ass is purple. I’m gonna get that n*gga to write for me, too. Kudos dunce.  Girl, everybody in the hood already said that you fucked for raps. Like, come on, you are the poor man’s Nicki Minaj at this point … I thought you were going to do something original, but you’re the poor man’s Nicki Minaj. Cardi, congrats on your #1. Just like you said, like a bum bitch from the Bronx like you, it’s great that you made it, you know. I’m sure it inspires a lot of other bum bitches, but like you know, you suck dick for raps. You fuck for raps … You’re like a fuck toy. You’re like some little like smut that n*ggas wanna stick their dicks in. You’re going to have your moment now and then you’re going to be gone. Enjoy it.”

Overall, it's a pretty brutal rant, and somewhat uncalled for if you think about it. Banks has been known to hold nothing back, and her latest attack on Cardi will inevitably piss a lot of people off. What do you think of this beef, and Bank's accusations in general? Despite them, Cardi continues to win, enjoying the success of her official, first-ever number one single "Bodak Yellow."