There's no denying that Azealia Banks is talented, having carved out a place as one of hip-hop's innovating young voices. Though her outspoken, no-fucks-given demeanor has led to her amassing a list of enemies, Azealia has been steadily working on her biggest project yet, the oft-pushed-back Fantasea II: The Second Wave. Unfortunately, it seemed as if a recent squabble with Nick Cannon and the Wild'N Out squad left her feeling blindsided, leading her to take potentially drastic actions. 

While Banks previously toyed with the idea of going into a self-imposed exile, essentially shelving Fantasea for the foreseeable future, it would appear that she has changed her mind. An examination of the previously released tracklist indicates that "Playhouse" indeed stems from the album, which indicates the rollout is moving forward as planned. Here's hoping Azealia is feeling alright, as the game is always open to hearing her latest musical offerings. 

As of now, Fantasea II: The Second Wave's release date remains unknown. Still, the imminent arrival of a single gives fans reason for cautious optimism. Are ya'll still riding with Banks? Sound off below.