Azealia Banks is known for her loud mouth on social media, saying whatever comes to her mind and generally making headlines for it. She's been extremely vocal throughout her music career, which has derailed her success to an extent. When she released "212", she was being hailed as the future of women in rap. While she went on to achieve a pretty successful career, she's more infamous because of her social media antics than she is for her music.

On Tuesday morning, she struck again with her response to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez revealing that she's a survivor of sexual assault, also bringing up Megan Thee Stallion's traumatic experience with Tory Lanez and FKA twigs' allegations against Shia LaBeouf

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"AOC almost get assassinated and compounds the story with some random hot button account of sexual assault: support and believe women," started Azealia before getting to Megan. "Meg Thee Stallion *allegedly* gets shot by Tory Lanez on a messy drunk night out then uses the protect black women trauma narrative to capitalize on and basically use Breonna Taylor's horrifying death as a prop to virtue signal: Protect black women at all costs (despite not seeing any X-rays of bullets in her foot)

Azealia Banks gets held at gun point by an obsessed neighbor for playing loud music, spat on by Russell Crowe (a man y'all are still allowing to work in Hollywood), gets told by T.I. that he wants to slit her throat and toss her down a flight of stairs: constantly ridicule, say she deserved it, gaslight, tell her to get over it, take medication. 

If I have to suck it up, get over it and wallow in a pile of compounding trauma......... So do AOC and Meg. If I don't get to use the race card, or the 'protect and believe women,' card neither do they."

Azealia followed up her message with more for AOC, and she also made mention of FKA twigs' ongoing allegations against Shia LaBeouf. Check out the rest of her posts below.