Azealia Banks often has her talent overshadowed by drama, whether it be initiated by the rapper or other parties. It is always refreshing to see someone mention her in a positive way, which is what Childish Gambino did in his latest music video. The animated visuals for "Feels Like Summer" depict a selected few of Hip Hop's contemporaries. Banks is honored to be part of the bunch.

Gambino's clip shows Azealia Banks in the same outfit she wears in her "Luxury" music video. The female emcee expressed her appreciation for the nod via Instagram. She posted a screenshot of her animated character alongside its reference for comparison. 

"@childishgambino you really showed the entire hiphop culture love In this video. Especially when you know how left out I feel sometime I’m so happy and honored to be included in this. Funny, people often tell me about dreams they have of me sitting up in trees. I’m delightfully intrigued by what it could mean! ❤️ this is definitely something I can show to the “Who Is Azealia Banks,” crowd. Thank you again. :)"

The rollout of Banks' upcoming project started off with some drama. This positivity might signal a new era for the New York native.