Azealia Banks profile has lost any semblance of order. When you enter the premises you are met with a disclaimer alerting you to disturbing content. Azealia's last Tweet was essentially a video of her showing off her bare chest, in addition to a written explanation for her many disappearances vis-a-vis social media: "I got nervous and deleted this from my profile but I think it deserves to stay up."

Aside from the unsolicited adult content showing up on her page, Azealia took the occasion to add fuel to her war of words with Lana Del Ray. If you recall, the feud started when Lana called into question Kanye West's antics on SNL. Her comments were then met with rancor from Ms. Banks who took offense to "white women in Hollywood" and their alleged "fake ass innocent agendas," represented by Lana Del Ray's scornful opposition towards Kanye West. From there, a war of words ensued with both sides trading canon-fodder at several kilobytes per second.

Azealia's Twitter deposition also involved her issuing a series of subtweets that were glossed over in the balance of time. The last message to invoke Lana Del Ray directly, stoked the flames of Azealia's witchcraft apprenticeship, the Harlem rapper threatening to burn her residence, "while she is asleep inside." A mirror image of the Tweet has been saved right here.