Azealia Banks had time for Mariah Lynn today. When one of her fans tagged her in a tweet that claimed Lynn was "coming for CupcakKe," Azealia snapped. Her response may have surpassed the fan's request to "get her" as it included a vow to "murder" the "Dirty little Edgar Allen Poe" looking entertainer with her "bare hands." Banks threw other insults and threats toward the reality television star. These recent tweets are the likely cause for her account's suspension. 

"I will punch mariahlynn in her ugly mentally retarded white trash rat nose. @MariahLynBoss I’ve really had enough of you talking sh*t thinking you’re a real rap b*tch. I will step on your f*cking skull and crush it b*tch."

The Love & Hip Hop star Mariah Lynn seemed to have initiated the virtual fight with a tweet that could be deemed meek in comparison.

"It’s crazy how someone could go and say I’m not performing like girl your lucky to even have that opportunity... I wouldn’t of care if it was one min of my song, some didn’t even get an invite like wtf is going on in the world? Be grateful when opportunities present them self."

Cupcakke's rebuttal fell between both approaches. She claims to show restraint considering the fact that she's "got so much sh*t on these wanna be Nicki Minaj ass rappers."