Azealia Banks wears one of many hats, but a "working recording artist" is no longer one of them, by her own admission. The following is just the latest cause for concern in what's been a tumultuous journey for her as a musician. The constant push-pull between her and her detractors has brought to a point where - as she so adamantly stated herself... "You will never get another body of Azealia Banks work again. Hear me?!?!" she opined before launching into yet another diatribe.

It all begun with Azealia re-posting an exchange with a disgruntled fan. If ever Azealia Banks showed an aptitude for storytelling, it was in this very chaotic sequence of non-events. There needs to be one positive takeaway from this derailment of sorts. You shouldn't expect anything less than an instant classic when Azealia's behind the keyboard.

Cassandra Hannagan/Getty Images

"Sad thing is I’m the most intelligent and THE MOST talented female rapper and have been for years. You all will find out when it is too late and I’ve married a Russian and get to raise my kids in a fancy Siberian underground bunker while you all scramble to get indoors for 6pm curfew under us martial law . Lmfao... fuck y’all ... don’t hate me hate your mother for not sending you to private and catholic school. Hate your very limited use of vocabulary. Hate the Board of education for failing you. Hate yourself for smoking hookah and paying fashion nova $90 for $15 clothes........ Azealia banks is not your enemy," she write in descriptive fashion.

Azealia Banks' last musical offering came to us in December of 2018, in the form of a 3-piece oddity titled Icy Colors Change. Has the outspoken Banks reached the point of oversaturation, over-zealotry? Hit us with your thoughts down below.