Azealia Banks has made some weird claims over the years but this has to land somewhere near the top on the list of strange things coming out of her mouth. The outspoken rapper hit the world with her most recent thoughts, telling her followers exactly what she would like to do with Marilyn Manson. At this point, it would take a lot for Banks to regret something she's said because, let's face it, she's said basically everything that could potentially damage her image. As she gears up for the release of her next project Fantasea II: The Second Wave, Z is also making sure she's well-hydrated in case she does get the chance to meet up with the rockstar.

A lot has been said about Marilyn Manson (just think back to that rumor about him getting his ribs removed) but the enigmatic star lets his music describe him. Idolized by the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, the most famous Satanist in the world should watch his back for Azealia Banks unless, as she presumes, he enjoys being urinated on. The "212" rapper posted a message on her Instagram story explaining why she wishes to pee on Marilyn Manson, writing, "I want to pee on Marilyn Manson so badly...... half because he's named himself after a white supremacist and only abuses white women in his videos (meaning, I know he would never dare set foot in a black womans yard) and half because I have a strong feeling he likes shit like that." Asking her fans to help set up a date for the golden shower to take place, Azealia may have reached a new high in terms of strange statements.

Maybe the rocker's next video will show this madness ensuing. Stay tuned for Fantasea II?