It wouldn't be fair to accuse Azealia Banks of unproductivity, especially when you account for the business dealings she bankrolled with her advance money. Earlier in the week, we learned about her plans to create her own social media platform. We now have a clearer idea of what her business plan looks like, on the surface. The pink interface has gone live!

Within a series of Instagram posts, Azealia previewed the content section of the new platform she has branded as "Cheapy XO." As you can see, the content section is readily usable in its Beta form; an editor-in-chief was selected on November 20th, Brooklyn White, a writer with oped experience across the board. Teen Vogue, Bitch Media, and HelloGiggles are some of the beneficiaries of her good work, to name a few.

The initial interface is, dare I say, very MySpace-esque, something a web developer might render using a template. The interface itself was created by a graphic designer named Stephen Lind, working under the pseudonym SLIND. This isn't his first tour of duty either; he also manages the web design on Azealia's official website.

The Beta version is perusable while you wait. Check 'er out.