For the last year, Aziz Ansari has been dealing with how to appropriately bounce back after being wrapped up in the #MeToo movement. The comedian was accused of sexual misconduct, derailing his rise and seriously affecting the outcome of his career. While he wasn't targeted by dozens of women like Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein, one allegation is enough for people to look at you in a different manner. Sexual misconduct is a serious topic and obviously, it's unacceptable in any circumstance. During a pop-up show this week in New York, Aziz returned to the stage to test out new material for his stand-up shows. During his set, he spoke about the controversy that has plagued him for months, noting that he hopes it has made him "better" as a person.

According to Vulture, the room was loose as Ansari ran through a few of his jokes. Then, he cracked a line about the allegations, which was a topic that many audience-members were wondering if he would mention. Once he brought up the situation, his tone was lower and more serious, saying that it's a "terrifying thing" to talk about.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images 

"There were times I felt really upset and humiliated and embarrassed, and ultimately I just felt terrible this person felt this way," said the comedian. "But you know, after a year, how I feel about it is, I hope it was a step forward. It made me think about a lot, and I hope I’ve become a better person."

He noted that he was scared he would never be able to perform again, putting things in perspective and appreciating his job that much more now. This was Ansari's first reported attempt to discuss the controversy, and it was received well by the live crowd. Are you behind him?